MSMedia : uuringud, meediasuhted, kriisikommunikatsioon, koolitused, suhtekorraldus: Portfolio


Estonian Defence League

Courses and training in media relations

NGO Convictus Estonia

Creation of new communication strategy

National Institute for Health Development

Communication plan for HIV prevention. Development of teaching program included toolbox and basis of regional communication strategies for health promotion specialists

Decus Beauty Clinic

Analyse of media relations and development new strategy

Mustamäe District Government

Courses of social media and advertising campaign

Excellence Training and Development Center

Speaking in communication conferences and seminars

Estonian Medical Association

Speaking in conferences

NGO "Family for every child"

Planning of communication strategy

Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund

Courses and training in media relations

Ministry of Education and Research

Communication and cooperation survey for whole jurisdiction of the Ministry


Courses and training in media relations, support for communication management and for “eHealth Conference” during Estonian EU Presidency

Labour Inspectorate

Courses and training in media relations

Magnetic MRO

Analyse of media relations and development new strategy

FB Asset

Management cooperation and public performance training

Tallinn City Hall

Internal communication audit. Series of training for internal communication, media relations, crisis communication and social media

Ministry of Justice

Development of project “Stop” and its successful marketing campaign

Ministry of Social Affairs in Moldova

Research among 13 000 younger teenagers, development of communication strategy, plan for marketing campaign “Notice children!”

Alpi Film

Provision of additional communication services, as well as production of TV shows and films

Iizi Kindlustusmaakler (Insurance brokerage)

Daily communication management support services, analysis of existing media relations, and planning of new activities on the basis of the marketing strategy

Tallinn University

Conducting workshops on health communication (the “Health Promotion in Communities” project) in various Estonian counties

Rescue Board

Expert analysis of different campaigns and evaluation of new visual solutions

Tallinn Airport

Managing a strategy seminar

Kaubamaja in Tallinn

Courses about organisation communication for middle managers

Pirita District Government

Internal communications training for middle managers


A workshop on strategic planning at the Turundus TREFF marketing conference

Tallinn University Pedagogical College

A workshop on crisis communication

Meediaportaal OÜ

Consultation on crisis communication and media relations

Industrial Productions

Designing sound for animated cartoons

Tartu Ambulance

Internal communications research and training

Tallinn University Institute of Informatics

We helped them to bring their website and the sub-pages of the units into conformity with TU’s revised style guidelines. Overall, the entire complex, scientific content was transformed into a more down-to-earth version, so that the uninitiated may also understand the institute’s role.

Kodukant, the Estonian Village Movement

Media relations training for the management

Ministry of Finance of Georgia

An EU twinning project for strengthening the institutional capacity of the Academy of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia: training as the first objective – development of shared knowledge, the organisation’s self-analysis, and survey preparation; analysis of the survey results as the second objective – troubleshooting and establishing communication strategy and tactics; formulating a model of the communication process as the third objective – agreeing on critical success factors and incorporating all of this into the organisation’s strategy.

Trinidad Consulting

Analysis of the existing media relations, establishing a strategy, developing a package of recommendations for the future, continuous consultation on media relations, participation in joint bids

Attorneys at law Borenius

Analysis of media relations, practical preparation, recommendations, and training

Tallinn University

Preparing, carrying out, and analysing an internal communications survey

National Foundation of Civil Society

Conduction of team training and analyse of communication strategy


Daily communication management support services, analysis of existing media relations, and planning of new activities on the basis of the marketing strategy

Environmental Board

Conduction of focus groups, secondary analysis of former researches, drafting of communication strategy


Daily media relations, trainings, marketing activities, internal communication

Atso Matsalu

Presidency campaign of Estonian Basketball Association, campaigns for election into Viimsi Rural Municipality Council

Logica/CGI Estonia

Strategic support to communication management, daily media relations, consultation service, preparation and conduction of media events (incl launching of Estcube 1, transformation of Logica into CGI)

Environmental Inspectorate

Management cooperation training

Saku Brewery

Focus group research for testing of the new design of Saku Kuld among loyal customers, consumers of other beers and Russian-speaking target group

Elisa Estonia

Media relations training for management in 2012, analysis and consultation of internal communication research in 2013


Daily communication management support services, analysis of existing media relations, and planning of new activities on the basis of the marketing strategy

Smart Work Association

Conduction of a workshop in a seminar

Estonian Reform Party

Assessment of interviewees, speaking in feedback seminar

Hilding Baltics

Conduction of internal communication audit, management training, drafting of plan for the improvement of internal communication

Ministry of Social Affairs

Media relations training for management; Moderating round tables; Focus group interviews with child welfare workers

Integration and Migration Foundation "Our People"

Speaking in intensive language study conference in 2012, conduction of a communication workshop in 2013, Consultation

Tuuru Foundation (Hiiumaa island)

Speaking in a conference, Consultation

Estonian Insurance Brokers Association

Media relations, consultation

Estonian Village Movement Hiiumaa

Conduction of team training and communication management training

DPD Estonia

Media relations, launching of Total Zero programme

Praxis Center for Policy Studies

Creation of theoretical and recommended part of policy report

Estonian National Youth Council

Conduction of crisis communication workshop; Daily media relations and consultation

International Ergonomics Month

Media relations, training of spokespersons, assessment and analysis

VR Transpoint

Organizing of summer days event

Tallinn Conferences

Speaking in communication conferences and seminars

Supreme Court of Estonia

Media relations training for management; Development of new communication strategy; Analyse of reputation research; Leading strategy seminars; Interview training for judges

Business Daily Conferences

Speaking in communication conferences and seminars

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

Social media training; Analyse of communication strategy

The Institute of Internal Auditors

Communication training “Communication management and its contact points with auditing”; Analyse of public needs from internal auditors

Child Helpline Service

Conduction of focus group research among adults and younger teenagers in order to assess their first reaction to the advertising campaign of Child Helpline Service (2011, 2012, 2013), Quantitative research conducted 2014, 2015, 2016

Estonian Youth Work Centre

Analysis and training of communication strategy of EEC programme „Children and Youth at Risk“